An innovative technology conserves resources and generates savings


Several Ministries of Health issued a directive to decrease wait-times for selected procedures. Hospitals had to become more efficient. Our client had innovative capital equipment that was more expensive but featured superior economics and could help reduce wait-times. Despite the benefits, the sales growth was slower than desired.


Healthcare institutions may delay adoption of the technology due to the limitations of assessment processes. There was a need to link efficiency data to better performance and an economics showing savings.


A hospital was selected to conduct a Healthcare Innovation Performance Assessment (Healthcare IPA©) to show economic benefits. The productivity and economics before and after changing technologies were analyzed.


DS&R developed the protocol, analyzed the data and the findings and an update were published separately and presented at CADTH. The initial study showed the new system reduced annual department operating costs by $342,204.19 in year one and increased productivity by approximately 30%.¹ A follow up study was done after the system was optimized showed an additional savings of about $62,000 and a 14% increase in volume.²

The publications were successfully used by the sales and marketing team to help grow sales.

¹ A.Z Karim, Innovative Technology Conserves Resources and Generates Savings: A Case Study from the Sunnybrook Regional Processing Centre, Healthcare Quarterly, 2009: Vol. 12: 94-98, 2009
² Karim & Arshoff, Applying new technology behind the scenes improves patient care, Canadian Healthcare Manger Spring 2013: 26-28

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