Accelerating adoption of new products and treatment regimens


Our client with a new product that was listed on provincial formularies with strong economic and outcome data including shorter hospital length of stay and fewer readmissions want to accelerate adoption of product in hospitals.

Sales teams needed an evidence based approach to link superior outcomes provided by using the innovative products. The Healthcare IPA© approach was used to develop these data.


In conjunction with key personnel at a pilot account, DS&R analyzed what factors led to the increased rate of adoption. It was thought that increased knowledge of, and experience with the product and treatment regimen could help accelerate the rate of adoption.


A comprehensive program consisting of: (1) education; (2) protocol for trial and use; review of experiences and data; and (3) reinforcement of learnings supported by facilitated implementation was introduced. Use of the product was measured during each of the three steps.¹ The process was facilitated using DS&R’s Healthcare Accelerator for Technology Adoption (Healthcare ATA©).


There was an increase use of the product and treatment regimen at each of the three steps of the process. Adoption of the new approach gained momentum as clinicians recognized the functional improvement in their patient population. The pilot approach was used as template to enhance adoption at other sites across the country.

¹ Lalla & Arshoff, A mental health initiative to enhance schizophrenia treatment efficacy, Healthcare Management Forum 2013:26(1): 46-50

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